Masévon Technology combines both design and assembly expertise into an efficient team of multidisciplinary experts enabling fast times to markets for both one-off and series of high tech systems.

Concept Engineering

The engineers at Masévon Technology have a Master or Batchelor degree in the areas of mechanics and electronics. With multi-disciplinary teams, we design for large and complex projects in close co-operation with the customers.


Our mechanical engineering department designs, develops, and delivers production solutions for several markets. Our software engineers are experienced in all common PLC systems.

Masévon Technology’s engineers use several types of 3D CAD software and electrical design software, any type of preferred software can be requested by our client.


Masévon Technology’s enthusiastic and flexible team can boast many years of experience in a wide range of areas. Our facilities are well equipped with: separate cleaning department, clean room, a range of different testing equipment (vacuum leak test; electrical) and an excellent measuring room.

Masévon Technology develops and manufactures high-quality, technological and complex equipment that is finished to an extremely high standard and supplied with short lead times.


In combination with its production and assembly facilities, Masévon Technology has the ability to offer turn-key projects, all over the world. We are well known with CE, NEN, UL, SEMI and other international and market specific rules and regulations. Upon request we can assist in a full compliancy to these regulations.


Masévon Technology has the technical and organisational expertise to manage and supply spare parts (and modules). We offer the option of concluding both a fault-repair and a maintenance contract.

With our extensive experts network of highly skilled experts we can contribute the specific expertise or extra capacity required in good time for any project. This approach also enables us to meet the needs of our clients and enables us to implement relatively complex projects within the required delivery time.

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