Masévon operates in a wide range of industries including general machinery, semi-conductor, argiculture, high tech machinery, food, aerospace and vacuum industry.

High Tech Industry

Masévon manufactured several production line components for one of the largest mobile device component producers in the mobile handheld segment, a challenging project on both technical and logistic aspects.
Following the very rapid implementation of an initial prototype, we quickly built several production lines in co-creation, thanks in part to our extensive network of local and international suppliers.

Process Industry

For one of our strategic customers, Masévon developed the most effective and proven production principles. These principles have been combined in a new and improved manufacturing production line in Changzhou. Masévon managed the entire process from the initial design sketches to SAT in China.

Semicon Industry

When Masévon was asked to co-develop and produce a production line, for a new break-through technological product, Vernooy, Tuin, Haarhuis and Masévon Technology joined forces to quickly design and build the manufacturing line. Thanks to our extremely short time to market and design for manufacturing knowledge, our customer was able to take full advantage of this important window of opportunity.

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